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What would you achieve if you take away the limitations in your mind?


A book that will help you reset your mind to transform your life

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RESET YOURSELF is the methodology with which you can update your mental programs and remove the limitations that currently prevent you from being the most successful version of yourself.

I am giving you:

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10 chapters with guides and exercises.


24 real-life stories from which you can feel inspired.


50 mental/mind Reset tools.


67 Illustrations.

278 pages.


Hi, I am Elina

my purpose is to help you communicate assertively, maximize your potential, and, if you're in a black hole, emerge victorious.

This book will save you years of therapy, money and energy.
(Proven by thousands of people around the world)

Have you ever wondered/asked yourself why a thought or behavior that used to work for you now causes you problems?

This is because the circumstances of your life are constantly changing.

Just think about how your life was 10 or 15 years ago. What were your dreams? What did you want? What motivated you?

Isn't that very different today?

Resetting your mind means UPDATING your mental/mind programs to fit your current circumstances, to become the person you dream of being and deserve to be today.

That's why RESET YOURSEL is the method I have used to help thousands of people achieve the same result: Resetting their lives.

Are you ready to reset your life?

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 The book that will save you years of therapy and money.

Reset Yourself provides you with quick, practical, and illustrated tools that will help you overcome the personal crisis you are currently facing.

It is the book that you will use to...

  • Remove mental limits and blocks.

  • Know how to give commands to your mind so that it obeys you.

  • Connect with yourself and your purpose.

  • Learn to be true to yourself and your own commitment by knowing your non-negotiable values.

  • Make internal dialogue your friend.

  • Learn to be a leader and assertive communicator.

  • Strengthen your self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, and authenticity.

  • Learn to control less and TRUST more.

  • Know how to apply the Reset Yourself steps for healing and forgiveness.

  • Recognize your non-negotiable values.

  • Remove limiting beliefs.

  • Learn to establish healthy boundaries.

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This is what those who have already started resetting their minds and transforming their lives with the book Reset Yourself are saying.

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Perhaps you're wondering...

Is the book available in both physical and digital formats?

Sí y ambos puedes encontrarlos en Amazon

Several times I have referred to this book as the one I would have wanted to read when I was in my darkest times.

Now, I know that it didn't exist back then because it was part of my purpose to write it and bring it to you.

Because this is not about me or my story; it's about sharing WITH YOU the tools that transformed my life and the lives of thousands of reset minds.

Are you ready to Reset your life?

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