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Reseteo Privado

Obtén los beneficios del Programa Resetéate en forma personalizada, en Español o Inglés.


Trabajaremos de manera directa los puntos que necesitan ser redireccionados, y atendidos de manera inmediata.


Nos enfocaremos en atender con prioridad -y maxi enfoque- la áreas que tendrán un mayor impacto en mínimo cinco áreas de tu vida personal, profesional o ambas, con la intención de que comience a ocurrir un reseteo integral. 


Excellent professional armed with the right tools to help me plan my next steps to pursue what truly mattered to me in a time where I came down to deciding what path to take. After my sessions I was able to align hidden talents with what motivates me. I highly recommend Elina. I really liked the fact that she help me draw a action plan with defined dates. Thank you.


Elina helped me reconnect with myself and understand that some of my doubts and hidden fears came from my childhood. She also helped me understand that my parents are not perfect and to accept them for who they are. She helped me understand that i am in charge of my future and i cannot keep blaming the past for where i am or i am not today. I always have liked myself but she showed me again how to love myself and accept myself. I learned things or understood things about my parents past....and many many more things. I recommend her to anyone as their life coach.



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